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Garmin Force Trolling Motor - 57"

Garmin Force Freshwater Trolling Motor - 57"

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Force™ Trolling Motor - 57"

Garmin has been in the marine business for a very long time. We have seen numerous products from them that were both very innovative and reliable. Over all these years there has been a product we've never seen from them until recently... a trolling motor. And when they designed their first one, they swung for the fences. The biggest technological leap forward was this thing had a brushless trolling motor.

Advantages of Brushless Motors

We were taught at an early age how to compare different decisions. Most teachers start introducing kids to compare and contrast charts in the 3rd grade. You probably have written a big “T” on a piece of paper with pros on one side and cons on the other to help make a tough decision. Or you used the compare and contrast chart with two circles that overlap in the middle. Almost every decision we make has pros and cons. Here’s the thing… brushless trolling motors are ALL pro’s. They can switch between 24 or 36 volts, they run 30% more efficiently meaning you're out there longer on the same set of batteries, they are much quieter, they don’t throw interference to electronics, and they are more durable. The list goes on and on. Just like in the power tool industry, it’s our opinion that in the next 3-7 years all trolling motors will be brushless because of this.

Features of the Force

Besides being brushless, the Force offers a host of other features. For starters, it connects wirelessly to a Garmin MFD unlike Lowrance which requires you to install a NMEA 2K network if you don’t have one on the boat already. This simplifies installation and allows you to control the Force through the MFD. You can do things like have it autopilot to waypoints or follow trails with this feature. The Force does have a built-in GT54 UHD transducer. The transducer does however have to be physically connected to the graph via a 12-pin transducer cable that’s included with the motor. From our experience at the time of this writing, you can run a non-UHD compatible graph with the built-in GT54UHD transducer and it will work. You just won’t get the UHD frequencies. For those of you that go hard in the paint and have no mechanical sympathy (I’m talking about the guys that put the motor on 10 to power through rocks and stumps) the Force comes with a handy replaceable polymer skeg. (https://www.russellmarineproducts.com/Garmin-Force-Trolling-Motor-Skeg-p/010-12832-18-gar.htm) There are pros and cons to this as these polymer skegs have been known to break fairly easily. So if you run your trolling motor hard, buy spares. While we are talking about the skeg that protects the prop, it’s good to know that if you do happen to break a prop you can run the Minn Kota MKP-33 that’s for the 80 lb Minn Kota motors without any modifications. You can also run the MKP-38 that’s for the 112 lb Minn Kota motors but you have to knock off the wear ring first. So if you have some spare Minn Kota props laying around, toss them in the boat in case you break the Force prop.

Shaft Lengths

The Force is offered in 50” and 57” shaft lengths. This is confusing as these equate to a 45” and 52” Minn Kota motor, Garmin just measures from different points than what Minn Kota does. So sometimes guys that have a 60” Minn Kota think that the 57” would be fine since it is “only 3 inches shorter”, but this is not the case since the 57” is equal to a 52” Minn Kota. To avoid cavitation and ensure proper motor operation, selecting an appropriate shaft length for the Force Trolling Motor is necessary. Measure the distance between the surface of the boat’s bow to the waterline. Use the table below to select the correct shaft length:

Bow to water line measurement example

Bow to Waterline Distance

Recommended Shaft Length

0" - 19"


15" - 26"


In The Box

  • Trolling Motor
  • Foot Pedal
  • Remote
  • High Efficiency Propeller
  • Stabilizer
  • Assembly and Mounting Hardware
  • Documentation

¹In compliance with ISO standard 13342

WarningWARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to P65Warnings.ca.gov.