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Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor 47" Shaft f/24V or 36V Systems

Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor 47" Shaft f/24V or 36V Systems

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Lowrance Ghost Trolling Motor 47" Shaft f/ 24V or 36V Systems

The Ghost has a number of innovative features that make this motor a flagship product. The Ghost can be networked via NMEA 2K to compatible Lowrance chartplotters for autopilot functions like automatically going to waypoints and following trails. Unfortunately it does not follow contour lines like the Minn Kota “link” motors do. The Ghost comes with a familiar built-in HDI transducer as standard equipment. But with a slick quick change feature that utilizes an allen head wrench that’s included with the motor, you can switch transducers in the matter of 5 minutes. This is incredibly useful incase you have a transducer that fails. With Minn Kota and Garmin you have to send the entire trolling motor to an ASC (authorized service center) and the motor has to be completely torn apart to replace the transducer. This completely eliminates all of that hassle. It also allows for easy upgrades in the future as Lowrance comes out with upgraded transducers. Another feature that is impressive is the artificial intelligence capabilities of the motor. Lowrance didn’t get into too many specifics about this with us, but they have mentioned that the software that’s in the motor “self-learns”. This is used primarily for spot lock. The computer is constantly judging how far the boat gets pushed vs. how much power was applied. Overtime, it will “learn” the boat and different conditions and know exactly how much force to assert in any given situation. I believe as technology advances we will see more and more of this in the future. But it is definitely cool to see that we have trolling motors available today that have the ability to do this. The Ghost also has programmable buttons on the foot pedal that you can configure to do all sorts of things, like control power-poles. There is an optional remote that allows you to control the motor from anywhere on the boat.

Advantages of Brushless Motors
We were taught at an early age how to compare different decisions. Most teachers start introducing kids to compare and contrast charts in the 3rd grade. You probably have written a big “T” on a piece of paper with pros on one side and cons on the other to help make a tough decision. Or you used the compare and contrast chart with two circles that overlap in the middle. Almost every decision we make has pros and cons. Here’s the thing… brushless trolling motors are ALL pro’s. They can switch between 24 or 36 volts, they run 30% more efficiently meaning you're out there longer on the same set of batteries, they are much quieter, they don’t throw interference to electronics, and they are more durable. The list goes on and on. Just like in the power tool industry, it’s our opinion that in the next 3-7 years all trolling motors will be brushless because of this.

Nuances Of The Ghost

Here is some odds and ends information about the Ghost that will come in handy if you’re looking at purchasing this motor. First, the Ghost is fully compatible with the HDS Carbon, HDS Live, Elite TI2 and Elite FS series. With these units you can connect them via NMEA 2K to the Ghost and be able to follow trails or autopilot to waypoints. Don’t sweat if you don't have one of those units as any Lowrance unit that can run the HDI’s will run the transducer that’s built into the motor. A quick tip, the cable for that transducer is a 9-pin so if you have anything other than a Live unit, you will need a 9-7 pin adapter. When it comes to installation, the bolt pattern on the mount for the Ghost is the same as the 45" Ultrex.

If you have any further questions on this product, shoot us an email at sales@russellmarineproducts.com or give us a call at 316-313-4113.

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