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RMP Right Cull Culling Bag System

Russell Marine Culling Bag System

Our Russell Marine Culling Bag System is an innovative mesh-constructed bag that offers a safer way to store fish in your livewell. The RMP mesh bag culling system includes six mesh bags total: five standard size and one large size. Each mesh bag is constructed with strategically sewn-in weight to keep it upright while being stored. Each mesh bag handle is a different color to make sorting fish fast and convenient.

Our RMP fish culling bag system is a non-piercing cull system designed with a proprietary coating that reduces friction and prevents damage to scales and slime membranes, which ensures the health of your fish while in the livewell. Cull bag systems should be fast, smart and secure so that you can spend more time fishing than culling. RMP Bass culling bag systems will allow you to spend more time fishing at bass tournaments and to store and track your five biggest fish. Shop at Russell Marine for your bass tournament culling bag system today!