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Product Code: RMP-AT-LIVE9WT-CMB

Active Target + HDS LIVE 9 with Active Imaging 3 in 1 Transducer Combo

Our price:
$3,848.00 $2,448.00

Active Target + HDS LIVE 9 w/ Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer Combo

This bundle includes:

  1. Lowrance HDS 9 LIVE w/ Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transducer $2,199.00 SALE PRICE - $1,699.00
  2. Lowrance ActiveTarget Live Sonar w/ Transom Mount Transducer $1,649.99 SALE PRICE - $1,249.00

Part Numbers:
  1. 000-14422-001
  2. 000-15593-001

Estimated Amp Draw for Live 9: 2.0 Amps
Estimated Amp Draw for Active Target: 1.5 Amps
*Actual amp draw will vary due to input voltage and settings*

HDS LIVE with Active Imaging 3-in-1 Transom Mount & C-MAP Pro Chart

You have a discerning taste for quality. It's never about, ""What can I get for my money"" with you. It is simply, ""What's the best thing you produce period"". If that sounds like you, THIS is your Lowrance fish finder. The HDS line has always been Lowrance's flagship line and the Live does not disappoint. With high strength glass where a plastic bezel used to be and a GPS receiver that sticks out the back of the unit for much more accurate location, the Live deviates greatly in design from previous generations. Everything about this unit screams quality. But just like what you were taught by your momma... it's not the looks that count, it's what's on the inside. And this bad boy does not disappoint there either! Coming in hot with a dual-core processor on the 9"" and quad-core processor on the 12"" that is capable of performing calculations that would make Albert Einstein jealous, Lowrance didn't stop there. They have loaded C-MAP's Pro Chart to ensure they have the best pre-loaded mapping in the industry. The Active Imaging 3n1 is also a first with it using all of that processing power to automatically select the best frequency for your down imaging. So if you're not just an enthusiast... but instead a connoisseur of fishing, take a good long look at your next fish finder.

We recommend running dedicated 10 AWG marine grade wire straight to the cranking battery to power this unit up.

ActiveTargetâ„¢ Live Sonar

This is Lowrance's answer to the Livescope. And what an answer it is! After the difference between Livesight and Garmin's Livescope, there were a lot of discussions on if Lowrance could come close to Garmin's technology. Once Active Target was announced we had an answer. We saw unprecedented demand for pre-orders on this item and after testing, it proved that Garmin is not the only company that can create awesome live imagery with sonar. If you run Lowrance, this is your baby! Finally you don't have to run a dedicated graph ""from those other guys"" for live forward facing sonar. This guy can run with the best and do so on your HDS LIVE, Carbon, or Elite FS unit. This item comes with a 15' ethernet cable, the black box, transducer, and a two different trolling motor mounts: one for the barrel and one for the shaft. The shaft mount can do scout, forward, and down mode. We recommend wiring this up with independent 10 AWG wires straight to the cranking battery. Also do not forget to hook the yellow ""wake up"" wire from the black box to your fish finder.