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Product Code: RMP-LVS34-1222-CMB

LVS 34 LiveScope Plus + GPSMAP 1222 Combo

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LVS 34 LiveScope Plus + GPSMAP 1222 Combo


LVS 34 LiveScope Plus + GPSMAP 1222 Combo

These Livescope bundles are created from items hand picked by the experts at Russell Marine Products and will include everything you need to put the Garmin LiveScope Plus System on your boat. This particular package comes with the GPSMAP 1222 chartplotter. This unit is a 12" non-touch screen that allows you to get into a higher screen resolution and a larger screen than the GPSMAP 1022, while saving you money from the ECHOMAP Ultra 122/126's. There is a catch though, this unit cannot run any other Garmin transducer without buying a sonar module. It also does not come with mapping pre-loaded onto it. It does have GPS built-in, so if you prefer maps, it's as easy as adding a map card. This package is designed for anglers that are running all Lowrance or Humminbird units and are wanting a Garmin unit to ONLY run Panoptix Livescope on. This package comes with all cables and hardware to plug-in-play and run Livescope on your boat. When it comes to wiring this system up, we recommend using 10AWG marine grade wire. Run dedicated wires for the 1222 and GLS 10 black box so each device gets its own 10AWG power and 10AWG ground. Run the power wires to a Perko switch with an inline fuse and the grounds straight to the terminal post of the battery. Cut out the fuses that come on the power cables of the unit and black box. If you have additional questions about this product, please email us at [email protected] or give us a call at 316-313-4113.

Estimated Amp Draw:
1222 - 2.55 Amps
Livescope - .75 Amps
*Amps will vary with input voltage and settings*

This bundle includes:

  1. Garmin GPSMAP 1222 Keyed Networking Chartplotter - No Sonar $1,999.99

  2. Garmin Panoptix LiveScope Plus System $1,699.99

Part Numbers:

  1. 010-01741-00

  2. 010-02706-00