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Product Code: RMP-URC-1

RMP Right Cull Culling Bag System

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$49.95 $44.96

RMP Right Cull Culling Bag System

$49.95 $44.96
Our coated mesh cull bag system is safe for the fish and water while helping to keep the fish secure in your live well.

No Clips. No Holes. No Floaters.

6 - Mesh bags with separate color handles
(5 large bags and 1 extra large bag included)

Zippers on Each End
Fish is placed head first into one end, released head first from other en
- Specially Coated Mesh
Each bag is coated with a proprietary coating which reduces friction against the fishes' natural protective coating and scales
- Weighted Bag
Weight is strategically sewn into each bag to help keep fish upright and leve
- 6 Unique Colors
Each bag has a different color handle which when paired with our free App provides for quick and easy culling