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Yamaha Boat Cover for Outboard Engines

The outboard motor is mounted on the back of the boat vessel and submerged in the water during operation, then pulled out of the water when not in use. This helps maintain the quality of the engine by preventing corrosion or marine growth. Fortify your engine from wind and water damage with a Yamaha outboard boat motor cover. It is ideal to maximize the life of your outboard engine by taking it out of the water when not in operation. With its breathable material, your RMP vented outboard engine cover will prevent overheating while standing strong against the water and wind wear and tear. Proper engine care technique and utilizing a breathable outboard engine motor cover to combat elemental damage by fortifying the exposed areas of your engine will extend the life of your outboard boat motor. The healthier your outboard engine is, the fewer maintenance costs there will be, ultimately leaving you with more time and money to spend on fishing! Take a look at our Yamaha boat engine cases today!